He was a member of Sonic Youth during the band's most experimental phase. He won a Grammy for the “Best Alternative Album” of 2004 for his work on Wilco's A Ghost is Born. He's scored films by Werner Herzog.

But the most subversive move of Jim O'Rourke's career may be the one we least expected.

According to Scotland's Daily Record, one of the world's top-earning child stars, iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove, was subject to an attempted brainwashing at O'Rourke's hands.

“Miranda revealed that she couldn't hold a tune after being taught to make an almighty racket tune for a comic movie role.

She blames indie veteran Jim O'Rourke for brainwashing her on the set of School Of Rock starring Jack Black.”

As previously noted, Cosgrove is launching a music career. Her debut album will be called … oh, who cares. But we've got to wonder if the folks who wrote that song for her where she shouts out Jeff Buckley are wondering if they hitched their wagon to the wrong horse.

The article goes on:

“Miranda, 17, admitted she had to blank out everything he had told her.

She said: 'I got to sing so terribly in the movie which was really funny. I sing really badly in the shower.'”

Chicago indie label Drag City–home to O'Rourke's most recent solo albums, as well as his collaborations with Joanna Newsom, Smog and the Red Krayola–had fun with the news:

Now that this Cosgrove chick is getting so much attention, she's decided her next move is to become a pop musician. Think those O'Rourke-ian lessons came in handy? Not according to Cosgrove — as she told the UK's Daily Record, she's since had to blank out all of Jim's sage singing advice to get her career rolling! She even claims he brainwashed her! We always knew O'Rourke was talented, but dang, this takes it to a whole new level! While we can't wait to see who Jim brainwashes next, maybe his records will have as powerful an influence on you, wouldn't that be rad?

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