Ah, the internet… shit spreads faster than herpes on a roadrunner these days, don’t it? Purveyors of fine electro-punk dance weirdness know that this weekend’s double-whammy gigs from DFA Records/LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Pat Mahoney are can’t misses, but for those of us who decided to forgo the sure-to-be bananas Black Disco/Donuts warehouse party in downtown tonight in favor of the sun-drenched soiree scheduled for Sunday at the Roosevelt Hotel, a close call was had this week.

Imagine our dis(co)may when we got a few emails from pals telling us Sunday, or least the duo’s “Special Disco Version” part of the event, was canceled! A quick glance on DFA’s message board seemed to confirm the bad news, with a post by someone who appears to be Murphy himself stating:


sorry if that fuck's anyone up. saturday donuts is OOONNNNNNN!

it just started getting past our silly threshold… i mean, the downtown standard sunday things we've done in the past are pretty silly, but also sort of low-key etc., and truly bizarre. but this started getting a bit noisy and hyped, which i don't think pat and my hungover little brains would be able to handle. i also feel like it might have been a hassle for our friends and forum otaku to get into, list or no, since it was being pushed so hard.

thanks and sorry. anybody got a pool, a grill and a soundsystem? oh, and champagne and fresh-squeezed oj?…”

Well, that was the day before yesterday and thank the divine disco divas up above (and maybe a contract of some sort?), the latest on the DFA board has “James” sayin’ “Roosevelt back on.”

It also says “Back On” on the Special Disco Version MySpace page, but just to be sure, we emailed Hard’s PR reps, and yes, the dynamic duo will still be spinning (from 2-6, we hear) in spite of their hangovers, the hipsters and the over-hyped locale.

Check out the DFA message board and Myspace for up to date info from the Murph himself (we think). Oh, and for those of you popping by the pool gig (like moi) tomorrow: buy the guys a bloody mary or two (we're guessing you'll need a few yourself if ya hit up tonight's bash) and show 'em the Hollywood Hotel isn't all tanorexic retards and would-be starlets!

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