As Village Voice film critic J. Hoberman noted, the newspaper thriller State of Play is “a deeply nostalgic movie” out of the 1970s — “the days when political conspiracy was hot stuff, investigative reporters strode the Earth like so many grubby colossi, a journalist's greatest allegiance was to follow the story . . .” It's also a veritable roast of contemporary media — from our culture of downsized reporting to the ascent of damn-the-facts blogging. The Landline TV spoof above is a thrift-shop version of that satire. The premise is that, a hot blog  run by laid-back twentysomethings, has become a life raft for laid-off newsies.

While the site's slacker-in-chief lists his blog ideas and priorities (wireless

earbuds, news mashups),  the “old print guys” rattle off story ideas

about political corruption in Walter Winchell staccatos, or try dipping

computer keyboard letters in printer's ink — even as a newsboy hawks  Web links that are typed onto slips of paper for a nickle. An

all-around yukfiesta as media stereotypes — I mean, paradigms — collide.

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