When was the last time you poured a cup of tea for your cream puff or gave your cupcake a nice back rub? Not too recently? We didn't think so. That might be one reason why these desserts don't look too happy.

The perfect baked goodie has the power to make a long day, well, better. Angelenos love their sweets – and they've proved time and time again how far they'll go for them. Who could resist with all the delectable treasures the city has to offer? Just don't get too comfortable. That warm feeling is exactly what Scott Hove will be exploring in his new exhibit “Iced Out” at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. What look like pissed off wedding centerpieces are actually the artist's new collection of fake sculptured cakes that explore our society's tendency to “embrace illusion in order to feel safe and receive emotional gratification.”

But don't worry, the Bay Area artist isn't telling you to swear off sweets. Guerilla softies and maple bacon donut holes will be in plenty supply. Sweets from Nickel Diner chef Sharlena Fong will be waiting for those brave enough to come face to face with these cakes-with-attitude. Not the biggest donut fan? New York transplant and ex-police officer turned softy truck conductor Mike Munsantry will be serving his N.Y-style soft serve ice cream and hot dogs. Keep an ear open for the softy enthusiast's affection for Sinatra. Word on the street is, he likes to hum.

Iced Out Reception takes place on Friday, April 2, 2010 8-11 p.m. La Luz de Jesus Gallery, 4633 Hollywood Blvd, L.A., 323-666-7667.

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