A recent LAist post by editor Zach Behrens has apparently caused some soul-searching at the Department of Public Works. Behrens complained about a Kafka-like encounter with the department's bureaucracy, when he attempted to locate an online form so he could report a dumped couch. This, he pointed out, in a department with 12 public-information officers.

Today DPW public affairs director Cora Jackson Fawcett phoned L.A. Daily, not to complain about our picking up the story but to express her concern about winning back public confidence.

“The good thing to come out of it,” she told LAD, “is that it's caused us to reevaluate

our system to see if there is an easier way to get to that information. Also, that particular employee Zach called unfortunately didn't know about the form he was looking for. We encourage people to use our Web site — www.lacity.org/boss. You can find the illegal dumping form

on the left-hand side. We have a good staff. Twelve may seem a lot but L.A.'s a big city.

It's always an educational process.”

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