Ah, Californians, we're so special. The rest of the country — the “flown over” part — gets our hand-me-down trends long after we've milked every bit of cheese from them: They can have our Von Dutch, our Ed Hardy, our trucker hats. We've given them our tired, our poor and even our bottle service. But our pets?

It turns out the good folks in Denver are taking some of our unwanted Chihuahuas, a shipment of 32 to be exact. Ultimately 100 are headed for the Mile High city. What gives? We told you previously that West Coast animal shelters were filled with unwanted Chihuahuas. There was a run on the pets following all the exposure (Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Hilton, et. al.) the little toy dogs had been getting. Like many a trendy pet, Chihuahuas ended up in the hands of enthused but unprepared idiots — and ultimately they ended up at the pound.

Adoptions in Colorado are going for $100 to $300, often far less than what Californians originally paid for them. Forget the trends. Denver has shown us what's really cool — being true to the human spirit.

With this one, L.A. has gone too far. Despite what Paris Hilton might be demonstrating on the red carpet, a dog is not a fashion accessory.

LA Weekly