As California's June primary approaches a new report indicates that one in five Golden State voters have declined to state a party preference. The Republican party appears to be the biggest loser when the numbers are analyzed, but citizens appear to be unhappy with both sides, according to Capital Weekly.

According to the report 20 percent of decline-to-state voters lean Democrat, 12 percent would likely go Republican, and nearly half want a nonpartisan ballot for the primary.

A Republican party analysis of the numbers, however, reportedly argues that the large number of undeclared voters will benefit the GOP, with the percentage of decline-to-state voters asking for a Republican ballot jumping 10 percentage points in recent years to 30 percent.

Overall, 44.6 percent voters identified as Democrats, 30.8 percent as Republicans and 20.1 percent were still undeclared. Do the numbers add to to trouble for Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner?

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