In last week's Nightranger, we snapped a photo of what was possibly the most photogenic lass we've ever had the privilege of capturing. Her name is Leslie Hall, and from her zany poses to the technicolor garb she was hawking at the Felt Club craft fair, we just had to know more about her.

Turns out this colorful cut-up is also a musician, actress (she had a vivacious cameo on the kids Nik Jr. program, Yo Gabba Gabba) and a “Gem Sweater Queen.” The shots below give you an idea of the truly astounding collection of acrylic wonders Hall has amassed, but to get fully blinded by the gaudy goodness, you MUST, MUST, MUST click here

Inspiration for the festive freak in us all this holiday season. We've got a bedazzler and we're not afraid to use it! Let the ugly Xmas Sweater Parties begin!


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