Well, this is creepy. Santa Ana makes national headlines this morning as the host of two separate death threats on brand-new California Governor Jerry Brown. (And the OC Weekly had it first!)

At West Alton Avenue and South Greenville Street, someone spray-painted “We gonna kill Gov. Brown 2/14/11” in all black. A couple blocks away, in the 1700 block of Segerstrom, on a roadside gray-brick wall: “27 6 more days 4 [swastika] Brown” in red.

The “6,” the “s” and the swastika look to be added later in black. (So… it took at least one full day for someone to think this shit freaky enough to call 911? Christ.)

We're not quite sure what a swastika could have to do with the governor — he's as white as they come, apellido aside, and has even ruffled the Jewish community the wrong way on past campaign trails. Santa Ana police likewise have no idea if the two threats are related; however, we did the math (crazy, right?), and they do provide the same kill date.

Senseless or otherwise, we're spooked. Elephant in the room, in the form of a nightmarish mug shot: Skinheaded Jared Loughner and his Tucson massacre on U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords two weeks back.

The California Highway Patrol, who are apparently in charge of the governor's security, have now taken the lead in the case, though Santa Ana police tell us they're still hot on the investigation trail. (One possibility: Could the messages have anything to do with the five misspelled threats sprayed throughout Orange County since the start of 2011? “Kill Cathlics,” “Boycott Chink” and more at the OC Register.)

According to KTLA, “authorities are contacting the governor's office to find out if he plans to be on Orange County on that day.”

If the answer ever was “yes,” we're pretty sure it'll change to “no.” Staying home with the wifey and about 5,000 security guards sounds like a much cozier Valentine's Day for all our consciences.

And as for all you sickos hopping on the 5 right now to go catch a glimpse, you're out of luck: Both tags were promptly removed. But here they are, courtesy of the Santa Ana po:

Credit: Santa Ana Police Department

Credit: Santa Ana Police Department

Credit: Santa Ana Police Department

Credit: Santa Ana Police Department

And the full KTLA report:


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