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Better Than…a quick, aggressive fuck in a public bathroom

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It's been a turbulent year for noise-rap duo Death Grips, whose label Epic Records were poised to release their debut album The Money Store before the band leaked their work No Love Deep Web without Epic's consent. The album has a picture of member Zach Hill's dong on the cover. Oh, and they also canceled a 30-day tour when they were at the pinnacle of their buzz.

Credit: Katrina Nattress

Credit: Katrina Nattress

So there was much anticipation last night at the Echoplex; a swarm of eager fans squished up next to the stage, awaiting MC Ride and Hill. The Sacramento-based twosome hit the stage quietly; Hill went over to his drum kit, cigarette in mouth, and MC Ride took his place at the front. They looked at each other, stripped off their shirts, and exploded.

For the duration of the 45 minute set, the tatted MC Ride flailed, gyrated, and banged his head, flinging sweat everywhere. He collapsed on the ground, slamming it with his hands, and jumped into the audience, embracing the sea of hands grabbing at him. Hill pounded his kit like he was trying to destroy it, occasionally standing up to pound with even more force.

Credit: Katrina Nattress

Credit: Katrina Nattress

Following a recording of Hill-produced beats, Death Grips tore through selections from their mixtapes and albums, which sounded even better live. “Get Got” became more schizophrenic as MC Ride shook his body dramatically, and “Guillotine” impressed as well.

The set closed with “Lock Your Doors,” and after Hill gave a quick “thank you,” the two gathered their crumpled shirts and left the stage, without appeasing the crowd with an encore. Not having done much in the way of interviews this year (though this one was good), you'd think MC Ride and Hill would have something to say. But their unpredictability continued last night, and that's probably how most folks preferred it.

Personal Bias: I expected Death Grips' live performance to live up to the hype, and it did.

Overheard in the Crowd: “HOLY SHIT!”

Random Notebook Dump: I've got MC Ride's sweat all over me, after he landed on me when he jumped into the crowd. Dude didn't even buy me dinner.

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Set list:

Come Up and Get Me

Lil Boy

Get Got


Takyon (Death Yon)


The Fever (Aye Aye)

Spread Eagle Cross The Block

Lord Of The Game

No Love

I've Seen Footage

Lock Your Doors

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