Look! Something new from Oakland's AmpLive, the producer who made a name for himself by getting Too $hort to rap about pimping hos over a remix of Radiohead's “Nude”! (He also performed at The Echo on Wednesday night.) Considering West Coast Sound's extensive excavation of an earlier AutoTune-inspired jab at the current pop-rap scene, we feel it's our duty to bring you the latest from the Zion I beatmaker.

In the video for his new song “Gary Is A Robot,” AmpLive takes the idea of a style-thieving “toy” to it's literal extreme, first building a robotic protege out of equal parts swag, Auto-Tune, and “duplicate” (so says the beakers), then sitting back and watching as Gary goes on an appropriation rampage, eventually incurring the ire of Bay Area rapper Trakademicks, and collapsing on the dance floor once his small, unoriginal mind is blown.

Of course, no one told these guys that it's kinda unoriginal to rap about how lame unoriginal rapping is, but hey, that beat's pretty hot, right? Rest in peace, Gary.

(AmpLive video, and bonus vintage “Auto-Tune The News” episode–from last July–, after the jump.)

Bonus vintage (July, 2009) “Auto-Tune The News” episode:

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