John Hodgman has way more on his mind than the rest of the horn-rimmed attention-seekers out there. Like: Why didn't Drew Barrymore choose him instead of that little boy? Infinitely more successful than you or I, he had the nerve to write a second book — last year's More Information Than You Require, which is a fascinating and charming overgrowth of ideas and far too many elbows in far too many ribs. (The book starts on page 257, the page after where the last one left off.) An illegal amount of capital letters and a plethora of footnotes to make David Foster Wallace cringe in his grave (RIP). Let's not even get started on the 5-point type. The folk remedies are worth the cover price alone: “If You Have Eczema and Do Not Have a Baby to Put in Your Bath.” The fact that Hodgman is a Daily Show correspondent and gets such roles in movies as Tweedy Former Professional Literary Agent Turned Fertility Specialist shouldn't make us even more bitter.

Mon., Nov. 9, 7 p.m., 2009

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