Attorneys for a deaf man taken down and choked to blueness by a Forever 21 security guard at the Hollywood and Highland Center in Hollywood threatened to sue the fashion retailer if it doesn't come up with a satisfactory settlement offer, according to ABC7.

The chain suspended the guard after the mid-August incident was caught on tape and posted on YouTube. The victim, Alejandro Rea, was alleged to have set off a security alarm as he exited. He apparently refused requests to stop although we can now see why — he's deaf. Even as his also deaf brother Pablo Rea motioned frantically to tell the guard his sibling couldn't hear, the UFC-style take-down continued.

However, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office reports that Alejandro Rea has a history of petty theft charges and remained in jail as a result of the Forever 21 incident. The company stated it had video surveillance showing the man allegedly shoplifting.

His said even if he had stolen something it gave the guard no right to go Tito Ortiz on him.

LA Weekly