I managed to miss the Aggrolites, which sucks, cuz they're mean and fun. I caught them at the Getty Museum courtyard earlier in the summer and they were excellent – too good to be playing so early in the day here at Detour. Well, I didn't miss them entirely… I could hear what i think was them, while I walked block after block around L.A. looking for the entrance to this place. roots reggae punk songs with slicked back hair and much tougher looking then their exellent musical chops might indicate.

Did catch, and as usual dug The Deadly Syndrome. Indie rock with synths and Chris Richards' shiny high voice sounded mighty nice on this clear L.A. day.

Every 15 minutes that passes out here I see more cops. It's like they're multiplying like bacteria. Come on down, there's still plenty of time before Turbonegro plays.

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