Dead Man's Bones, the year-round-Halloween troupe fronted by Ryan Gosling, will test their puppetry prowess at a month-long residency at Bob Baker Marionette Theater. The spooky band will include the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir, who also provided the eerily beautiful backdrop to the band's debut hitting the streets October 6th. The original performances will be scored and directed by the band, who, if their videos are any testament, should toe the line between creepy and classic.

Show Schedule: Sept 11, Sept 18, Sept 25. All shows at 8:30pm.

The theater, which was started by Baker, 85, nearly 50 years ago, was saved from foreclosure in January and recently received historical landmark status following a “parade of puppets” in City Hall in June. Puppetry often gets a bad wrap in the States–cartoons and CGI often take precedence to the intricately designed figurines–but maybe this residency will resurrect the ages-old artform as Dead Man's Bones pulls the strings.

Punch & Judy by Czech animator Jan Svankmajer, 1966

And here's some more hot puppet action:

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