PHOTO 1: So it's like, raining and stuff, everyone's late for the shows, PR people are all upset – but this dude is still smiling. His name is Baker and I found him in the lobby at Smashbox studios, being snapped by a bunch of photographers. “So who are you?” I asked him, assuming he must have a story. “I'm nobody. I just like fashion. They started taking my picture.” He is wearing a medallion made out of a piece of sound equipment. If you see him, say hi.

PHOTO 2: This is what  actresses look like when they are angry. She presents a show on The Style Network called Look For Less and was being interviewed by a TV crew following the Shay Todd swimwear show. The LA Weekly (that's me) started snapping a few photos. The flash made her mad and she asked us (me) to stop. Sorry.

PHOTO 3: This is Sarah Buxton. She used to play 'Annie' in the most surreal soap opera ever – Sunset Beach. She's a cult star in the UK, which had an unusually strong appreciation for the now canceled show. She was found milling around the Smashbox lobby wearing this fetching off-the-shoulder Iron Maiden T-Shirt. Hubba hubba.

“Hi, I wear vintage glasses, can I help you?” This is Sarah Yellin at the Coco Klix press check in.

Posted by Caroline Ryder

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