The 25-year-old whose car flew off Pier 300 at Los Angeles Harbor on Saturday afternoon has been identified as David Maghamifar.

A Facebook profile that appears to belong to the victim says he grew up in Genova, Italy — attending high school at Liceo Classico Emiliani — before moving to SoCal for college. Maghamifar says he graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2010.

According to weekend news reports, witnesses at the Harbor saw his car…

… veer off the main roadway, then plunge into the water near where Navy Way meets the base of the pier.

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His silver sedan reportedly landed upside down before sinking into the murk. Maghamifar never resurfaced.

The Los Angeles City Fire Department, who responded to the call around 3 p.m., had to send rescuers down into the thick green water with flashlights to find the driver and pull him from his vehicle. About one hour later, the 25-year-old was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

A fire crew pulls Maghamifar's car from the Harbor.; Credit: ABC7

A fire crew pulls Maghamifar's car from the Harbor.; Credit: ABC7

At the time, an officer at the LAPD's South Traffic Division told City News Service that there were no signs to indicate Maghamifar had tried to brake before plunging off the pier.

We've contacted South Traffic detectives for any developments on whether this could have been a suicide.

On his Facebook page, Maghamifar says the greatest poet in history is Robert Frost, and quotes his favorite Frost poem: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”

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