You've gotta check the weather today anyway, so why not hear it from a lovable, foul-mouthed Jewish grandmother? Visit, type in your ZIP code, and you can do just that.]

Seventy-something-year-old Boca Raton resident Gigi, played by an unrecognizable David Krumholtz (Numbers) in full-body prosthetics, will tell you if it's sleeting or sunny, and how she and her husband always have quiet sex – because they love using a ball gag.

Krumholtz's prosthetics were provided by Oscar-winning effects company Alterian Inc. They were actually leftovers, molded for Spike Jonze to wear in the movie Bad Grandpa. “I guess in some weird world, Spike Jonze's face and my face are interchangeable,” Krumholtz muses.

Weather From is the brainchild of producer Barry Sonders and writers Ricky Mabe and Zach Golden. In the future, they hope to expand the utilitarian comedy series to cover more specific weather and introduce new characters.

They shot all 35 forecasts currently on the site in one day. They were scripted, but Krumholtz let Gigi surprise him in the moment. “At one point she admitted to having sex in a children's urinal. That probably wasn't in the script,” he laughs.

When asked what Gigi thinks about web series, Krumholtz answers, his voice slowly taking on a New York accent and aging 40 years: “She's very skittish about technology. She wants nothing to do with any of it. But, it is nice every once in a while to look at a gay porn. And so for that reason, the Internet is a good thing.” – Stephanie Carrie

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