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David Kang began his inspiring journey as a broke college student who now boasts his position as one of the top traders of the world. He started this all from his college dorm room and now he runs a well-established company called Prosperity Trading.

David belonged to a lower-middle-class family and didn’t have a consistent and reliable source of income. His parents were unable to work a full-time job because of their deteriorating health and so, he had to make ends meet and pay bills.

Times got so difficult that David had to play the violin on the streets and give up on the most basic privileges in life. Though before getting acquainted with stocks and trading, he was fairly pursuing learning to play the violin.

According to David, “Parents losing jobs, my money, and their money going into the medical bills, going broke and having to play the violin in the streets.”

As a 19-year-old freshman in college, he had a busy and tough life, and he was looking to expand his horizon and earn a little extra something. One fortunate day, he ended up overhearing his friends talk about stocks and the profitability rate in this business.

He inquired about this field and learned about a free app called “StockTwits”. As this intriguing concept caught his eye, David signed up on this app and followed a famous guy who educated his followers about investing in stocks.

David got so involved in this, that when the person asked his followers to buy a biotech stock that he deemed to be profitable and go up in value, he blindly trusted him. He relied on his naivety and invested $2,000, which were all of his savings.

David monitored the value of stock and, during a class, he observed that the stock’s worth was up by $300 in just 30 minutes. He got so happy and excited to see the unimaginable potential that was packed in this field.

He didn’t waste another second and left his class to go to the library. There he asked the librarian to guide him about the books written particularly on trading and investing. And since then, he has focused more on this discipline than his school studies.

“My grades went down, but my money went up. This is how my journey of stock trading began”, states David.

Although David Kang didn’t become the smartest graduate of his school, he is definitely amongst the most accomplished ones. He didn’t intend on becoming involved in stocks and trading, but this is what the future held for him.

He established his account on StockTwits in his freshman year and used it like Twitter for traders and stockers. He went by the username Mister_Investor and posted his ideas on the platform for free. As people began benefiting from his insights, David Kang garnered a lot of appreciation and following.

“I had over 17,000 followers of traders & investors by the end of my Senior year”, says David.

After this, he realized the prospect and immense potential in this business, and he devoted all his time and energy to launching and expanding Prosperity Trading.

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