Now that summer is finally approaching, it is time to enjoy one of the most popular treats since the beginning of time, ice cream! Many people often want to look their best for beach and pool season — especially as summer hits, so why not find a great tasting brand of ice cream that is health conscious and that will leave you feeling guilt-free post consumption? Dream Pops is that brand, formulating plant-based ice cream and frozen desserts that have been exploding in popularity since launch.

David Greenfeld is the CEO and Co-founder of Dream Pops. He was inspired to create the brand after seeing the glaring gap in the market for plant-based frozen snacks & desserts. The UC Berkeley graduate and former investment banker created these geometric pops and bites, giving them a captivating appearance that can only be rivaled by their great taste. The pops are vegan approved and are powered by superfoods and functional ingredients.

Dream Pops has less than 100 calories per pop, and only 2g of coconut sugar. The coconut base is similar in texture to dairy, but much healthier. The pops are made with ingredients like baobab, lion’s mane, matcha, and passion fruit making them a great option for nutrient packed treats. Dream Pops are made with only 5-9 ingredients, without the use of stevia, erythritol, or any alternative sweeteners.

Dream Pops come in a number of great flavors like Berry Dreams, Chocolate Lion, Vanilla Matcha, Coconut Latte and Mango Passion Fruit. Greenfeld also recently unveiled a new product called Dream Pops Bites, that come in more conventional flavors like Vanilla Sky, Cookie Dough, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter and Berry Dreams and are coated in chocolate – they have the same great taste and nutritional benefits as the pops. The debut of Dream Pops Bites comes in the wake of an impressive and continuous triple digit growth in annual revenue.

Greenfeld is looking to capture a large share of the $100-billion-dollar global confectionery market that is dominated by Hershey’s, Mars and Ferrero — and believes that the brand can become the “Willy Wonka” of plant-based confection; he plans to launch product extensions and scale the business outside the freezer in the coming months.

Dream Pops has already attained widespread success, and can be found in over two thousand retail locations in the U.S. and Canada. Greenfeld was able to thrive in this space by integrating a strong omni-channel content strategy utilizing his internal marketing team. The team has graphic designers, writers, content creators, and videographers that form a powerful content engine. Greenfeld’s business acumen earned him Forbes 30 Under 30 honors for the Class of 2020 for Food and Drink. Greenfeld is a true visionary in his space, and his commitment and unwavering dedication are sure to make Dream Pops a household name in the near future.

LA Weekly