One of our favorite artists just announced that he is releasing one of our favorite songs as a $2 iPhone app allowing fans to make their own remixes.

David Bowie (or whoever handles his business this days–he hasn't been since in public in a long while and there are some wacky conspiracy theories about it) will be making the single “Golden Years” (out of his recently revamped/repackaged 1976 LA-centric album Station to Station) available as an app and as a special-edition EP including some remixes by well-known KCRW radio personalities (nope, no Jason Bentley, alas).

According to reports, the app “allows fans to actually access the song's original 16 tracks, using eight stems created by its producer Harry Maslin, featuring Bowie's lead vocal, 12-string guitar, bass, drums, guitar, harmonium, percussion and backing vocals.”

Here are more details, including the names of the KCRW remixers:

The EP will feature remixes of “Golden Years” by local heroes and KCRW DJs Chris Douridas, Jeremy Sole, Eric J Lawrence and Anthony Valadez.

The remixes were posted to the KCRW website last year, and you can still find them there if you want a little preview of the upcoming app.

BONUS VIDEO: “Golden Years” live!

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