For sale: One very hot Porsche Turbo Cabriolet … with hooker stains. We kid! Don't hit us David Beckham.

But seriously, stains or not, this matte black 2008 rear-engined marvel with custom number “23” accents — the player's L.A. Galaxy digits — was going for $140,000 and counting on eBay. The former Beckham-mobile was put up for sale by Chequered Flag, a dealership near Marina Del Rey.

Since Beckham apparently bought it for $145,000 and then, according to the dealer's claim, sunk another $50,000 in customization into the ride, it appears that his fame has added some collector's value to the 500 horsepower “cabrio.”

Unbent, apparently.; Credit: Chequered Flag

Unbent, apparently.; Credit: Chequered Flag

The Kelly Blue Book “retail” value for such a convertible with low miles (6,774) is $113,110, not accounting for customization.

Dealer spokesman Neil Jaffe told the Daily Mirror that ” … this is a very rare opportunity to acquire a unique supercar with unparalleled celebrity history.”

Apparently, even though the footballer is expected to be headed back to the U.K. to play soccer there again, at least temporarily, he let the car go previously and it somehow ended up at Chequered Flag recently.

Who's Porsche was this? (Scratches head).

Who's Porsche was this? (Scratches head).

The Stuttgart screamer features a Tiptronic transmission (really, Bend'em? An automatic?), three piece wheels, TechArt exhaust, one-off paint, custom interior … and hooker stains! (We kid, really).

Very L.A: Nearly all the modifications are for looks. The cheesy color, 23-logos and custom wheels don't really make it go any faster, but they sure attract the hookers.

(Again, we joke).

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