A few minutes ago I had a conversation with tattooed rock superstar Dave Navarro. I was listening to his Camp Freddy Radio show on Indie 103.1FM and he was complaining about only having nine listeners. Well, this Style Councilor has always enjoyed helping out tattooed rock superstars in their hour of need…so digits were promptly dialed, and after a few moments I found myself live on the air with Navarro, one-time Jane's Addiction guitarist and his co-host Billy Morrison, formerly in The Cult.

“Hi, I'm Caroline.”

“Hey that's a cute accent,” says Navarro, (I am British).

“You wanted poeple to call in, so I am. I want to plug the LA Weekly's new blog. It's called the Style Council and er, I'm on it.”

I heard a slight groan as the rock star deejays realized they were being exploited by this pesky Style Councilor for the purpose of free advertising (c'mon guys, this is LA, what do you expect?). But then Navarro's notoriously frisky mind started wandering, and his tone changed.

“So…do you guys post naked pictures of yourselves online?” he asked.

“No… But I can if you want us to!”

I regreted the words as soon as they left my mouth. You see, as an honorable and upstanding Brit, I am bound by my word. So this means that I now have to get the Style Council girls naked and take pictures of them. 'Tis a hard life, to be sure…watch this space.

PS: Dave thanked the LA Weekly for inspiring a segment in their show where they call up the lovely ladies from the back pages of our publication and talk to them about their careers. Hooray for the Women of the Weekly!

Posted by Caroline Ryder

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