So, it happened. You got a date. It could be a first date, or maybe just a night out with your special someone, but either way you're going to need a plan. Los Angeles offers an endless array of nighttime activity and it's easy to be paralyzed by all the possibilities. That's where Squid Ink's Date of the Week comes in. We make your date, so you don't have to.

A good date covers a few bases. It creates inside jokes, presents many topics for conversation, opens the door to adventure (or danger), provides activities, and–if it's a first date– offers an escape plan. Like a guitar solo or cooking, the best dates use a little improvisation, so don't be afraid to omit any of our suggestions or add a few on. It's your date, we're just getting you started. Good Luck!

(Check out the all-night antics of the Warehouse Walkabout after the jump)

The Date: Warehouse Walkabout

Dater Description: Edgy but sophisticated, NYC ex-pats, foodies on foot, looking for adventure or whatever comes your way.

Stage One: L.A. Gun Club

1375 E 6th St # 7, Los Angeles; (213) 612-0931.

What's better than a night of food, folks, and guns? Meet your date after work here at the L.A. Gun, in the warehouse district just east of downtown. From the outside, L.A. Gun Club looks a little seedy–as most warehouses do–but inside it's bright, clean and professional. Choose your ammo and artillery, then pick your target. Try to express yourself with your target choice: the standard black box, the hostage taker (don't shoot that girl he's holding), or the gangster (who may also be Carlos D. from suave rockers, Interpol). After blasting away, compare targets, decide who is the worst shooter (bring a premade “Worst Aim” award if you're crafty), then roll it up and head on out on the Warehouse Walkabout.

Interim discussion topics: Wow, this area hasn't been gentrified yet. How many guns do you have? Have you ever been involved in a high-speed chase? Which way to the gun show?

Credit: Photo by Yelper jeanne w.

Credit: Photo by Yelper jeanne w.

Stage Two: Royal Clayton's English Pub

1855 Industrial St., Los Angeles; (213) 622-0512.

After displaying your prowess of shooting bullets, Royal Clayton's English Pub will offer you plenty of chances for knocking back some shooters. If a cosy English Pub and a stark loft had a love child, Royal Clayton's. Stark and cosy rarely go together, but Clayton's somehow pulls it off. With it's low light, pool table, and bench seats, the Pub offers plenty of opportunities to get close and discuss Beckham or “The Guns of Brixton” over a black and tan. If the conversation brings you somewhere good, stay for Clayton's new English eats, but if the spirit (or your stomach) compels you, head to Church & State around the corner (on which, our fearless leader has spilt a bit of Ink)

Credit: Photo by Yelper Dawson S.

Credit: Photo by Yelper Dawson S.

Stage Three: Tony's

2017 E 7th St., Los Angeles; (213) 622-5523.

So your date has better aim with a Glock, and you're better at putting the 8-ball in the corner pocket. Make your way to Tony's for the final show down. In the back area of this cozy neighborhood bar, a ping pong table waits for you to settle the score. Grab a Greyhound–mixed just right with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice–put on some jams on the jukebox, and get your pong on.

Credit: Colin Young Wolff

Credit: Colin Young Wolff

Stage Four: Lot 613

613 Imperial Street, Los Angeles.

If you've played your cards right on this epic date, it should be late, but the party is just beginning. Head over to the Grand Opening Party at Lot 613, where MIA played her secret show and private events have percolated undercover and underground. Tonight, there will be DJ's all night, extending into the early morning, and make sure to RSVP at info@premierela.com

Dance 'til your feet catch fire. Then saunter back to your car (hopefully) still parked outside the Gun Club. Sun comes up at 6:26 AM on Saturday morning, feel free to use the rest of the nightfall at your discretion. You may still find some taco trucks parked and serving.

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