Okay, I know we're all hoarding our money these days, but I wanted to bring this item (and some others) to your attention, in case anybody out there happens to be shopping for USB hubs or Darth Vader helmets anyway. From ThinkGeek.com, Darth USB has 480 MBps of digital connectivity and four ports. The eyes glow, the head turns, and Vader speaks when you insert a new USB device. I want this so bad. He costs fifty bucks.

Speaking of his evilness, at a slightly higher price point, there's also this telephone. “When the phone rings, Darth Vader's motorized head moves, Star Wars music plays, lights flash, and the mechanical respirator breathing apparatus sounds.” The handset is on the back of his helmet.

And how about a Darth CD/DVD Wallet Storage Case? This is eleven bucks. This is more my speed. Perhaps it is yours, too.
There are so many applications for the head of His Highness. He also comes as a radio. The page is in French.

You know what would have made What's frightening about this Darth Vader Stein are all the warnings that accompany it: “Choking Hazard–This toy contains a marble. Not for children under 3 years.” Eh? A marble? What's that for? The best part is that the cranium serves as a lid. It will keep your tea or coffee hot.

This last one is not something you can readily purchase, and it's not an appliance, but it's pretty hilarious. Read more about it at the creator's website here.

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