Daring to Dream: How Skydiving Redefined Leonardo Schober’s Filmmaking Journey

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As a Swiss Director of Photography living in Brooklyn, Leonardo Schober has always been driven by a passion for creativity and storytelling. However, it was an unexpected adventure that would elevate his craft to new heights – obtaining his skydiving license. In a candid interview, Leonardo shares how his experiences in the sky have shaped his approach to filmmaking.

Embracing the Fear

“For me, skydiving was more than just a thrilling experience; it was a transformative journey,” Leonardo explains. “As a filmmaker, conquering fear is crucial. The fear of failure, of not meeting expectations, or taking creative risks can be paralyzing. But skydiving taught me that embracing fear is the only way to evolve and grow as an artist.”

The parallels between skydiving and filmmaking became evident as Leonardo elaborates on timing and precision. “In both worlds, timing is everything,” he remarks. “Skydiving demands flawless execution, from exiting the plane to deploying the parachute. Similarly, in filmmaking, capturing the essence of a scene at the right moment can make all the difference in creating a lasting impact on the audience.”

Adaptability is another valuable lesson he drew from his skydiving experiences. “Weather conditions can change rapidly in the sky, and as a skydiver, you must be ready to adjust plans in an instant,” he says. “Likewise, filmmaking often presents unexpected challenges on set, and the ability to remain calm and adaptable is essential in finding creative solutions.”

Leonardo’s newfound perspective on storytelling is evident in his recent work. “Each skydiving adventure is a tale of soaring through the heavens, capturing emotions and the beauty of the world from above,” he enthuses. “This fresh sense of wonder now infuses my filmmaking, inspiring me to tell more captivating and evocative stories that resonate with audiences on a profound level.”

The power of collaboration is another aspect that he values deeply, drawing inspiration from the teamwork required in the skies. “Skydiving fosters trust and camaraderie among divers, and this mirrors the collaborative spirit I cherish in filmmaking,” he reflects. “Working closely with a dedicated crew allows me to create a united creative vision that elevates the impact of my shots.”

Lastly, Leonardo emphasizes the art of living in the present moment, a profound realization he gleaned from his skydiving experiences. “In the sky, there is only the exhilarating present – no past or future,” he says. “This mindfulness now guides me during shoots, helping me fully immerse myself in the magic of each moment and capture its essence on camera.”

“In conclusion, obtaining my skydiving license has been a life-changing experience that enriched my journey as a filmmaker. From facing fears to perfecting timing, embracing adaptability, cherishing storytelling, fostering collaboration, and staying present, the lessons from the skies have shaped me into a more inspired and capable Artist.”  As Leonardo continues to leap into new creative ventures, his skydiving adventures will forever be imprinted in the fabric of his frames.

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