UPDATE: Check out this YouTube creation: Danzig shilling for Fresh Step.

The Internet just rolled over and died. Cats, cult celebrity and narcissism all captured in one single itty bitty photograph? It's true.

A picture really is worth 1000 words, especially when it's of a famously grumpy metal icon (and proud L.A. resident) walking through a parking lot carrying a box of kitty litter whilst wearing his own band's shirt.

Yes, Glenn Danzig is a normal person, sort of. Like the rest of us, he prefers Fresh Step to the cheap stuff that clumps. Or maybe Fresh Step is the cheap stuff that clumps? Oh, mother.

This is just begging for a response from the Henry & Glenn Forever dudes.

Yes, Glenn Danzig is a normal person. Sort of.

Yes, Glenn Danzig is a normal person. Sort of.

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