Something tells us that if African American actress Daniele Watts would have kept quiet and walked away after she was contacted by police for allegedly having sex with her boyfriend in a Mercedes parked at an L.A. curb last month all this would have gone away.

But Watts, known for her work in Django Unchained, immediately claimed racism was at work. It turned out to appear to be a false accusation against the police, and today the L.A. City Attorney's office filed misdemeanor charges of suspicion of lewd conduct against Watts and paramour Brian James Lucas stemming from that alleged sex show in Studio City Sept. 11.

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Witnesses said they saw the pair getting it on:


An Los Angeles Police Department official told us previously that a citizen reported the pair were “having sex in the vehicle with the door open.”

An investigating officer that summer afternoon found an uncooperative Watts saying she was being questioned “for being black.” She also said, “I have a publicist.”

The pair was released. Watts said she had been at adjacent CBS studios for a meeting that day.

Her white boyfriend, self-proclaimed “rawk star” chef Lucas, later suggested the two were targeted that day in the 11900 block of Ventura Boulevard because cops saw them as “ho and pimp.”

But audio and some video from the confrontation showed nothing of the sort, only an actress saying that the police investigation was wrong and that her dad wanted to talk to an officer on the cellphone.

She also initially refused to give police identification and insisted she didn't have to do so.

The evidence against her racism claim appeared to be so strong that she was denounced by prominent black leaders, including Project Islamic Hope President Najee Ali, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who called on her to apologize to the LAPD.

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The City Attorney's complaint, filed this morning, alleges that each person “did engage in lewd and dissolute conduct in a public place and in a place open to the public and exposed to public view.”

The duo is due in court Nov. 13. If they're successfully convicted, Watts and Lucas could each face six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine, a City Attorney's spokesman told us.

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