A brazen attempt at illegal perversion was thwarted this week by one smart kid.

When 32-year-old Daniel Donovan allegedly tried to videotape a 12-year-old boy taking a pee in a public restroom at the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, the kid rightly fled running (and hopefully screaming) and told the nearest campus security guard.

And L.A. County Sheriff's deputies quickly collared a suspect. But here's their problem:

The attempt was so brazen and out-in-the-open that the fear the suspect might have tried this before.

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Donovan was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and possession of child pornography.

Deputies say this guy was actually a student at the college.

Child pornography was found in his car, authorities allege.

Anyone who thinks the suspect might have (allegedly) taped any other bathroom situations was asked to call the Sheriff's Department at 877-710-5273.

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