A young man walking along Highland Avenue just before 5 a.m. this morning was fatally hit by a taxi cab heading toward Hollywood Boulevard. The L.A. County Coroner's Office confirms his identity this afternoon as 27-year-old Daniel Don Curtis of North Hollywood.

KNX news radio reported this morning that Curtis died where he was hit, his body laying halfway onto the sidewalk.

The cab driver who ran into the 27-year-old did not leave the scene of the accident…

… and cooperated with police interrogation. LAPD officers continued their investigation for about three hours — well into the morning rush.

“We have one or two witnesses who are saying that they saw this guy dancing in the middle of the street prior to being hit,” LAPD Detective Nelson Hernandez told the Beverly Press. “It may take some time to determine if alcohol or drugs were a factor.” From the story:

The taxi driver, who was identified as a 52-year-old resident of Burbank, was not injured or cited.

“He said he was just driving on Highland and this guy suddenly came out in front of him,” Hernandez added. “It was dark out there at the time.”

It had been a long weekend of festivities in neighboring West Hollywood, where the gay-pride parade and festival lasted from Saturday morning to late Sunday night.

Here's the CBS2 broadcast report:

The coroner says Curtis was born January 2, 1984. Did you know him, or happen to see the tragic accident on Highland Avenue early this morning? Let us know.


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