Video: MTV
It has all the signposts of a career-defining battle royale. Rarely funny

comedian Dane Cook ribbed Vanessa Hudgens from the stage of the Teen

Choice Awards, held in L.A. Sunday. Hudgens, the young star of High School Musical, recently became the latest female celebrity to have nude photos

of her appear on the Internet.

Cook, presenting the Choice Hottie prizes, told an audience, which included Hudgens, “Vanessa Hudgens, girl, you got to keep your clothes on! Phones are for phone calls, girl!”

Some wire reports claim Cook was instantly booed by upright fans of the Hottie awards, but video of his routine doesn't back up that claim. That paragon of taste, Fox TV, cut the bit from its Monday broadcast of the show. It goes without saying that there have been cries for Cook to resign from something, or at least to apologize.

Surprisingly, though, Cook refuses, telling Access Hollywood of his little gag, “I planned it about 20 minutes before I went out there. (I said it) because I like to be on the cusp of fear.” Cook has always been perceived as being on the cusp of something, though not necessarily fear. Perhaps he can add that 20 minutes of prep time onto the 15 of fame he's already getting from this incident.

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