Bringing us flashbacks of Al Gore's 2004 2000 loss to George W. Bush (the horror), there's another controversy brewing over the Republicans' alleged, vote-bending ways:

That's right, Palin-gate, 2010. And it doesn't involve Tea Party queen Sarah Palin. Rather, this claim of possible voter fraud, or at least overzealous phone use by the red-state massive, is aimed at daughter Bristol Palin, whose two-left-footed skills on ABC's Dancing With The Stars have nonetheless kept her in the show's Top 5.

Why? There could be a right-wing movement a-Twitter. Oh yes they can:

The Weekly's Simone Wilson reports that Palin (Jr.) backers have been using social-networking sites to get out the phone-in vote for for the slightly chunky dancer.

Bristol Palin shows us how to win without skills.; Credit: ABC

Bristol Palin shows us how to win without skills.; Credit: ABC

Our commenter of the day, “alert,” says this is all a great embarrassment for America (we're sure Ben Franklin is stirring in his grave … over the fact that we vote more for TV contestants than congressional ones):

What in thee world is going on with people voting for Bristol? For one thing, they are putting her in an awkward position. It's like your mom voting for her daughter on a cheerleading team, knowing so full well she can't keep up with the other girls. In the end…it make her look bad. I feel sorry for her!

What a mess!

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