Expect to be poked, prodded and pumped on the dance floor at Batcave, which moves to a new location this month and presents a sure-to-be-bloody-good “medical night” event. The Art of Bleeding will turn the club into a “nightlife hospital” (with naughty nurses, natch), and a live performance from death-rock legend Dinah Cancer and her band, 45 Grave, are sure to have pulses racing. Also planned, a “dark and diseased” art show and “$1 Blood Shots” for early arrivals. Of course, the dance floors are where the extreme palpitations will be had, especially when DJs Jermz of 45 Grave, Robo-DM of FetishNation, Danny Graver of Bondage Ball, Donovan and Eric Ill start prescribing Industrial EBM Futurepop, electro, new wave and dark '80s sounds. Attire suggestions: rubber gloves, white coats, nurse garb, patient robes, bandages, blood. Get your looks together STAT! Dragonfly, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Hlywd.; Sat., Aug. 14, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. myspace.com/batcavela.

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