Dan Adler… Dan Adler… Kinda rings a bell, right?

He's not big on the political scene yet — and he's certainly not part of the Sacramento legacy system, in which career pols do their time and get the party's blessing, essentially a free ride to the top — but he's got his foot in the power game on the other side of town: Hollywood.

Fittingly, in his latest campaign spot for a 2011 run for U.S. Congress, it appears Adler has earned himself at least one loyal voter:

Former chid star Patty Duke! They make quite a team — with the help of some glisteny, ripply, tribal-looking black dudes, of course. Slightly racist? Probably. In a funny way? Let's just say we didn't not laugh.

Here it is:

So far, Adler has also scored a friend's Huffington Post endorsement (somewhat meaningless; like having your mom write your rec letter) and the tail end of Los Angeles Times piece “Jane Harman's 36th District special-election seat attracts a crowded field,” in which reporter Jean Merl is amused, if resigned to his loss:

Entertainment industry executive and political newcomer Daniel Adler has surprised observers with an energetic campaign; he counts actress Patty Duke and former Disney chief Michael Eisner among his supporters. Adler had not raised money before the March 31 reporting deadline… [and] lives a short distance outside the district.

Wikipedia also seems to be a big fan, listing Adler's many charitable committee seats like… well, like his friends edited it.

The Patty Duke spot should gain him some fans among Muscle Beach heads up in Venice, which lies at the top of his district. If he can't bench-press like Schwarzenegger, at least he knows how to get his assistants (read: slaves) to do it for him!

Though we're still iffy on the guy, we do love to see someone accustomed to getting shit done on the ballot, as he has in Hollywood the last couple decades; and a ripe Patty Duke cameo for the vouchin' doesn't hurt one bit.

Note: Post has been updated to correctly identify which seat Adler is running for, and fix the spelling of Patty Duke. Our bad! 5 p.m. on a Friday… you know how that goes.


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