(Photo of Brother Reade by day19.com)

 Things went from “totally awesome!” to “way less than rad…” in mere seconds after cops shut down the Brother Reade keg party in Silverlake last night. One minutes several hundred underage hipsters were quite happily getting down to some white hip hop, next thing you know flashlights are being shone in faces and make-out sessions are being abruptly halted as the boys in blue storm the hillside party pad. The Nasty Neighbor responsible for placing the call was outside, yelling at us to leave quietly because “some of us have work tomorrow”. Relax bitch, tomorrow's Sunday – and don't blame us just cause you work in retail. But what officially killed the party vibe was the sight of one poor hipster being wheeled out on a stretcher unconscious, cause of illness unknown.

After that there were three choices: Frankie Chan's afterparty, Jason 71's art-show-opening-after-party, or home to play the Most game. The Most game involves putting on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and drinking a shot every time you hear the word Most. We chose Home.

Party on dude!

Bill and Ted


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