You don't need a flux capacitor, a DeLorean or Libyan plutonium to go back to the future. Not when DâM-FunK is around. L.A.'s spacey funkmonaut melts the past and the future of funk into one velvety groove. On his new track “3012 Luv Affair” from All City's L.A. Series 10″ DâM-FunK travels back in time.

He creates a revisionist history of West Coast music. He lifts sound from the '70s and '80s synth funk age and completely skips over the development of West Coast hip hop. Instead of dropping the beats and rhymes like Snoop et al. served over funk samples, DF goes straight to the source. He imagines a world where hip-hop never happened and pushes funk into the next millennium–and beyond.

Listen to “3012 Luv Affair” here:

DamFunk – 3012 LOVE AFFAIR by Drewtewksbury

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