Daisy Mint: Aims to Please all Lovers of Asian Food

Spaghetti and black mussels at Daisy Mint; Credit: Anne FishbeinSpaghetti and black mussels at Daisy Mint; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Need a visual aid for your print edition? Jonathan Gold visits Daisy Mint in Pasadena. (“But sometimes even the most adventurous of us are in the mood for the other kind of Asian restaurant, the kind where you don’t have to be vigilant for scraps of spleen that may have made it onto your plate and where the Scoville units linger in the low three figures, where you can order waterfall pork without pointing at the menu and your elbows probably won’t stick to the table — a restaurant less interested in testing your limits than in acting as the background for a nice night out. Because man does not live by Jitlada’s fish kidneys alone.”) Click through for Anne Fishbein's spectacular photos and read more in Gold's Counter Intelligence, “Fusion Without the Pretension: Daisy Mint Aims to Please All Lovers of Asian Food.”

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