Big buildings and high-rises could be built with little approval if a series of changes to city law take effect. At least that's according to a former real estate executive who's been taking out full-page advertisements in the Los Angeles Daily News this week.

Cary Brazeman, the founder of LA Neighbors United, says in the ads that ” … the mayor's planning department, at their sole discretion, will be able to override existing zoning by allowing taller buildings, bigger buildings and different uses in neighborhoods across the city” under the changes.

The City Planning Commission is set to weigh the first of nine such ordinances Thursday morning.

Brazeman argues that, if approved, the rules would allow Antonio Villaraigosa's planning team skirt input from neighborhoods such as Century City, Glencoe Avenue near Marina Del Rey, Mt. Washington, Park Mile, Valley Village, parts of Venice and other areas.

” … The consequences for growth and our environment in Los Angeles will be severe,” he writes. ” … A small group of local officials, lobbyists and developers has worked to subvert the zoning code for their own selfish interests.”

(Brazemen told the Weekly his phone has been ringing off-the-hook — with many expressing support for his ads — and that he didn't have much time to talk).

Read more at at LA Neighbors United.

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