Daft Arts, the L.A. production company for those psuedo Franco-robots, returns with another assault to senses with a new video for Jay Reatard's, “It Ain't Gonna Save Me.” Produced by Paul Hahn and directed by Bryce Kass, who created Daft Punk's bizarrely captivating film, Electroma, the video explores one of the worst/scariest/demented birthday parties of all time, complete with child insurrections, exploding pinatas, and sicko clowns. Taking more from the kaleidoscopic sensory overload of their “Gamma Ray” video for Beck, rather than the suburban pastoral created for Jeremy Jay's, “Heavenly Creatures” Daft Arts presents the second most terrifying clown party since the invention of Faygo.

Check out the beautiful video for L.A.'s pop savant Douglas Armour's “Flushed & Flamelike, Themselves” by Bryce Kass and Daft Arts:

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