The L.A. marijuana dispensary called Organica has been sunk like Titanica, at least according to the City Attorney's office, which boasted Thursday of a permanent injunction against the pot shop.

Organica, which the City Attorney's office says straddles L.A. and Culver City, has been the target of authorities for more than a year.

In the latest strike, Judge Michael Johnson said orders to stop operating as a weed seller were permanent. And he hit the shop with $325,000 in fees and penalties “for repeated violations of state law,” according to the C.A.

Neighbors have complained about the shop a 13456 Washington Blvd., claiming that some of its marketing efforts targeted nearby Culver City High School students.

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Under the injunction Organica can't sell, store, serve, or manufacture pot or other drugs.

In his April preliminary injunction, L.A. Superior Court Judge James Chalfant called Organica's operator “simply a drug dealer.”

Authorities say the store has sold 131 kilos of marijuana products and plants and has done $5.2 million in sales in the last year or so of its existence.

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