All photos by Timothy Norris

Little Radio kicked off their first Summercamp Saturday of 2008 with a pool party, DJs, plenty of Colt 45 and live set by these guys:

Crystal Antlers

Imaad Wasif

The PIty Party:

And loads of pool frolicking…

Many more photos bikinis, dudes and debauchery here. And read on for details on next week's Little Radio show.

So if you missed it, don't beat yourself up too much. On June 21 No Age will be playing at Little Radio's second Summercamp Saturday. It's a Boombox beach party, which means instead of having a PA blasting the band's tunes, they'll be broadcasting the music directly through everyone's radio – kind of like a punk rock drive-in movie. Tickets are $15 and will probably sell out quickly.

Bring your swim suit, a radio, walkman, or boombox. The Colt 45 will be provided.

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