Cry for Mercy: You might think you know what the GTOs were, particularly if you’ve read Pamela Des Barres’ I’m With the Band. You might imagine that you’ve got the whole late ’60s/early ’70s groupie culture and subsequent “supergroup” down. All boxed up and tied with a neat little bow. Nope.

Miss Mercy’s book Permanent Damage written prior to her recent, tragic death with the help of celebrated local author and journalist Lyndsey Parker, offers us a rare glimpse into her complex,  adventurous and tumultuous life. It’ll make you laugh and cry, occasionally at the same time.

Parker, Des Barres, Alice Cooper and Starcrawler singer Arrow de Wilde will discuss Miss Mercy and the book with moderator (and LA Weekly culture ed) Lina Lecaro at a Grammy Museum digital event starting June 3. That’s a stellar array of talent, discussing a fascinating person.

The event is available from Thursday, June 3. The link to the event is here. The book — Permanent Damage: Memoirs of an Outrageous Girl by Mercy Fontenot with Lyndsey Parker — is available from June 9 via Rare Bird Books

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