So much hullabaloo, this Halloweentime, about the revival of Nickelodeon's fabled turn-of-the-century horror flick “Cry Baby Lane.” According to Reuters, it'll be airing this Oct. 31 for the first time since it debuted in 2000. (Once at 12 a.m., and once at 2 a.m., on TeenNick. On a school night, no less!)

It is also fabled that a devious Redditer uploaded the film in full, from VHS to YouTube, just last August. Wikipedia confirms! Wikipedia also says, “Director Peter Lauer has said he was surprised and flattered by the attention his film had gotten.” However…

… Viacom swiftly killed yet another collective nerd boner by calling copyright on that shit. Wah wah.

The made-for-TV movie is about a creepy farmer who saws his conjoined twins in half. It honestly isn't quite as crazy, one decade later, as legend has made it out to be; nothing we haven't seen a thousand times on TLC in the years since. Nickelodeon tells Reuters that it was never technically banned, either — “simply forgotten in the Nick vaults.”

But if you're still intrigued (which you should be, at least for the “Goonies” appeal) you'll be glad to know it still exists in parts! Catch it now, below, while Viacom isn't looking. Unless you're more stoked at the idea of having a TeenNick sleepover this Sunday night. Understandable.

On a kind of unrelated note, this may be the first time Reuters has ever mentioned Reddit in a news release. That's kind of scarier than taking a saw to one's siamese twins. Next thing you know, Conde Nast will commission a redesign to out-mainstream Digg!

Also, just curious — did anyone else previously unfamiliar with “Cry Baby Lane” think for a second, based on the title, that it was one of those gazzillion theory films on Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, Tupac's alleged murderer? Dunno. Maybe we just think about Tupac's alleged murder too much.


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