A new restaurant in West Hollywood and wants to shape the identity of L.A.’s pizza scene through literal pizza rolls.

“New York folds it, L.A. rolls it,” is the slogan for Crustica, as the paper-thin rectangular slices are meant to be rolled up like a sleeping bag before indulging in your bite.


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Real estate developer and former film producer Nile Niami put together the idea for Crustica and introduced it with a bang, shelling out the most expensive pizza in Los Angeles at $3,500. The price point for the Alba white truffle-covered and 24k gold-sprinkled pizza, benefits a cause, however, with $2,000 of those $3,500 donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Their standard pizzas are far more affordable, however, at $17.27 for a pie that can probably be shared, but is more likely to be rapidly consumed by a single individual.

“Crustica has been a labor of love over the past five years, and we are so excited that it’s now open to the public,” Niami said. “Pizza is a worldwide staple, and this was created not just as a novelty, but as a new way of eating healthy. It’s created by Angelenos for Angelenos, but this concept is going global.”

Crustica’s paper-thin crust pizza. (Isai Rocha/L.A. Weekly)

With calorie-conscious Californians in mind, the unusually thin pizza at Crustica is even more compressed than the thinnest thin-crust you can imagine. Crustica’s thinking behind this was: less carbs, less calories, with a “guilt free” eating experience.

The curtailment of crust also allows for shorter baking times, with the restaurant setting internal goals of getting the pies out within 10 minutes of an order.

Banana-Nutella pizza from Crustica. (Isai Rocha/L.A. Weekly)

Crustica has taken advantage of Niami’s design expertise, with a modern outdoor patio area, surrounded by walls of jade green foliage and fire pits, for a serene night time dining experience.

While Crustica may have just recently launched its flagship location, the restaurant has plans for 49 additional worldwide locations by the end of next year.

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