In the annals of bizarre and desperate attempts to videotape women in the most private of moments, this one is a winner.

A man dressed as a woman went into a Macy's restroom with a camera concealed in a paper bag and got to taping, L.A. County Sheriff's Department officials said last night:

It all started Saturday when a woman noticed someone unusual in a Macy's restroom at the Antelope Valley Mall, deputies said.

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She told security guards, and they told a cop who happened to be on patrol in the mall's parking lot, according to a sheriff's statement.

The deputy spotted a suspect fitting the witness' description — a man in a wig and women's clothing — “hiding” in a storage area at the shopping center, officials said.

Here's the money paragraph from the sheriff's department:

Credit: LASD

Credit: LASD

The investigation revealed that the male had disguised himself in woman's clothing, including the wearing of a bra and a wig, and had allegedly entered the woman's restroom with a video camera concealed in a paper bag. He then secretly videotaped women while they were using the restroom.

The suspect, ID'd as 33-year-old Jason Pomare of Palmdale, was arrested and jailed, cops said. Yesterday he was charged with six counts of “unlawful use of a concealed camera for purposes of sexual gratification.”

Being a complete train wreck, however, is apparently perfectly legal.

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