Controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been subject to much criticism over his immigration roundups, unconventional (some say inhumane) treatment of prisoners, and support for Arizona's anti-immigration law SB-1070.

He's currently facing accusations by Arizona officials of misusing $60-80 million of taxpayer money, but Arpaio ain't mad at them.

Instead, Sheriff Joe has focused his anger on his real enemies: the So-Cal band Crocodiles. The band recently released a song called, “Kill Joe Arpaio” (under the name Alligators… get it?), and yesterday Sheriff Joe took to the digital bullhorn/soapbox of Twitter to make his own message for the band: “Msg for the San Diego band “Alligators” who wrote new song called 'Kill Joe Arpaio': BITE ME.”

Read Sheriff Joe's entire twitter statement and listen to the song here:

From @RealSheriffJoe (in reverse chronological order)

It seems that some bands are using my name in their songs to get some publicity.

I think that the record label should give me some royalties. I would use the money to help fund my immigration posse.

What upsets me is that they are saying “Kill Arpaio” in the songs and titles.

Msg for the San Diego band “Alligators” who wrote new song called “Kill Joe Arpaio”: BITE ME.

According to Phoenix New Times, “the track consists of chit-chat from a San Diego-area talk radio station about the nutty Nativist movement and Arizona's anti-immigration policies.”

Here's the song:

Kill Joe Arpaio by scemoburz

Seems a bit less direct than…

What do you think? Is this offensive?

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