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Cristiane Bachmann is the CEO and founder of Nueve Los Angeles. She is an entrepreneur who has worked in different fashion industries before launching her brand. Cristiane is also a creative director for her company.

Cristiane Bachmann is a creative director of Nueve Los Angeles, which carry other brands from sustainable and ethically made brands dedicated to redefining sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism.  Cristiane also takes a leadership role in sustainability by assisting those seeking guidance in committing to this lifestyle.

The biggest challenge Cristiane wanted to address was acknowledging the importance of conscious consumerism and what goes into the production, such as fair labor, ethical practices, and environmentally friendly made goods. Her goal is to communicate the reasonings behind making sustainable purchases and creating a community that wants to make changes to its lifestyle.

According to Cristiane Bachmann, sustainability is not only what the brand states. She advises that people should make sure they are also making a sustainable purchase and pick timeless pieces of excellent quality so they will last forever. If the quality is not good and the design is not something you will wear many times, you are not making a sustainable purchase.

Cristiane’s Fashion Journey

Cristiane studied at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she was able to focus on her passion. She combined passion with her long-standing love of fashion and personal style to launch Nueve, a company dedicated to curating everything from apparel to skincare.

Cristiane moved from Chile to Los Angeles to pursue higher education at UCLA. After she completed her studies, she worked in fashion and marketing until she began her journey of entrepreneurship. Her store offers clothing from all over the world, including styles from Europe and Australia.

The California lifestyle inspires Cristiane on her mission to build a curation of products that makes women feel good and do good. She selects pieces that are versatile and be styled up or down for any occasion.

Cristiane’s motivation for starting her own company was fueled by a love for fashion and a desire to create something new. Cristiane’s motivation for starting her own company was driven by a love of nature and other humans and fashion, so it was a way to combine all these elements that make a difference.

Nueve Los AngelesLuxury Rooted In Ethical Practices

Cristiane founded Nueve in 2021 after realizing how out of sync the fashion industry was (and continues to be) with her connection to the earth and its people. Bachmann began to feel profound responsibility for how she consumed her daily life and resolved to begin making better choices to become a more conscious human, as each small shift can have a significant impact.

Nueve Los Angeles has a unique perspective on sustainable fashion because it focuses on the relationship between people, their clothes, and the environment around them. Their goal is for everyone to feel comfortable in their clothes without compromising style or quality. To achieve this goal, they focus on selecting durable, high-quality pieces and minimalistic designs that will last a lifetime, everyday wear while still being fashionable.

Nueve Los Angeles offers more than just dresses—it also includes tops, skirts, and accessories, for women who want their clothing to stand out from the rest. Nueve’s core values are transparency, thoughtfulness, and timelessness. We only work with brands that align with our values, and we would love to create a bigger and united community that identifies with this as consumers.

Bottom Line

Nueve Los Angeles is the latest venture that communicates and overcomes preconceived notions luxury is no longer about excess and opulence. Instead, it comes from more profound ideologies that value quality over quantity. Nueve offers a variety of international independent designers that aligns with the brands’ values through a selection of products that have an ethical approach to fashion is the best way to build a sustainable business.

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