A letter written by serial killer Rodney Alcala has been put up for sale in the wake of the death sentence handed to him this week by an Orange County judge.

The handwritten note was penned by Alcala during his trial on charges that he killed four women and a 12-year-old girl in the 1970s. The seller states that the murderer wrote it from Orange County Jail.

The note says that he has asked an actress for a photo. Alcala also writes about the use of computers during the trial. The seller, a website called Serial Killers Ink, asks $95 for the letter, envelope included.

As a selling point, the site notes that Alcala, who once appeared as a contestant on TV's Dating Game, is being looked at in connection with several other unsolved murders. Orange County authorities released dozens of '70s-era photos Alcala snapped to see if any of the subjects are missing.

The seller writes that ” … he could very well be the most prolific serial killer that California, if not the nation, has ever seen!”

LA Weekly