CreatorSource Spearheads Creator Monetization

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Industry insiders built CreatorSource with the sole purpose of empowering creators to effectively monetize their content and audience. “We aim to be the resource that creators use to start making money through brand deals so they can sustain a lifestyle doing what they love,” says co-founder Ashley LeMieux.

LeMieux drew on her experience as a creator herself when designing CreatorSource. “I’ve worked in the space for over ten years,” she says, where she’s picked up on what does and doesn’t work when partnering with brands. When she developed the vision for the platform, she wanted to provide fellow creators powerful and useful resources that they could easily put into action.

“We’ve made CreatorSource a learning resource built for creators by the creator community,” explains LeMieux. The company brings together knowledgeable creators, platform executives, and talent agents to each provide short five-minute training videos that help users improve as creators and negotiators. “We work very hard to find the best and most reliable information about what works, and provide different perspectives from a variety of experts,” says LeMieux.

Creators use the platform to learn how to establish themselves as creators and even entrepreneurs that brands want to work with. “We show them how to pitch themselves and negotiate deals with brands they love and want to work with,” says LeMieux. “It’s what I wish I had as a creator when I was getting started – a hand to hold while trying to navigate what can be a really confusing and tough industry to break into.”

The company does this through a multi-tiered approach. “Our platform creates a custom game plan with tools and strategies for each creator to create consistent income through brand deals,” says LeMieux. “We assist them in optimizing their page, creating a media kit, and pricing themselves using our rate calculator.” The company also provides templates and a contact database to help creators reach out to brands they admire and want to collaborate with. According to CreatorSource, all of these assets are currently available and exist, but only accessible to top creators who have talent agents or years of experience.

But the end result is what CreativeSource focuses on. “Seeing a mother of three help support her family through social media, our strategies, and her own hard work and talent makes it worth it,” says LeMieux. “With the CreatorSource platform, we want to democratize this reality for the entire creator community.”

“We hope to empower a larger majority of creators with access to these powerful strategies,” says LeMieux. “With the right support, creators have everything they need to open the doors at brands and scale their creator income.”

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