If you love nothing more than to stand in the kitchen thinking up ways to make those humble heads of cabbage really sing, then this is your opportunity to take center stage. As part of the Mayor's Day of Service — aka Good Food Day, March 31 — there will be a gathering of cabbage fanatics in the form of a cooking contest. From Kim Chee to Coleslaw, an inspired idea for a food contest, is sponsored by See-LA, the nonprofit that runs the Hollywood Farmers Market and the Los Angeles Food Policy Council. The distinct aromas will be found at Metabolic Studio, the contest venue.

Transformational iterations of the crunchy shards will be judged by a stellar panel including Jonathan Gold, L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti and chef Josiah Citrin of Mélisse. I'm sure competition will be fierce in the categories of Fermented/Pickled, Fresh and Cooked. Prizes include lunch with chef Neal Fraser, who — interestingly — isn't judging. Scared of a little cabbage, Fraser?

If you think your cabbage rolls or kimchi merits a prize, start preparing now. Check out the pertinent info and start practicing. Perhaps you should watch the kimchi contest movie Le Grand Chef II as inspiration.

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